Grace International Miracle Ministries


Main Service

Bible Study & Prayer

Thursdays - 19:00-21:00



Thursdays -19:30- 21:00 

Sunday - 11 am-14:00



Sunday School: 11:15-12:15

Youth Service





At Grace International Miracle Ministries our Purpose is to express the Love of God to all men without discrimination, to teach people how to live a life of Faith and to have unlimited fellowship with the Holy Ghost and with each other. We will give of ourselves and of our resources. We will pray without ceasing and fast often.


At GIMM we are strongly committed to the Word of God as our one and only truth and way of life. We stress the importance of down to earth preaching and teaching that will lead the people of God into a biblical walk in their everyday lives. 


We are committed to training believers through group classes, Bible study and personal relationships. 

We emphasized accountability through friendship, small group ministries, such as Worship Ministry Men’s Ministry, Women’s Ministry, Children Ministry, Youth Ministry, Single’s Ministry, Marriage Ministry, Prayer Ministry and Pastoral Ministry. 

We maintain brotherly relationship but stress the importance of Family.


We are the Body of Christ and we serve each other through the use of our spiritual gifts. We are called to be Salt and Light in our community and to provide an environment where people can come and receive salvation, experience God’s Love, healing, deliverance and growth to go back and serve their community. 


The things that continue to be a driving force in our ministry is our love for God and each other, our obedience to God and the leaders He has placed over our lives to watch for our souls. 


Our passion is to see lives change by the power and presence of God, to feed the hungry, and to reach out to different denominations.

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